The service provided by Consileon was professional and comprehensive with a very good understanding of our needs and constrains.

Wolfgang Hafenmayer, Managing partner, LGT Venture Philanthropy

Technical quality of staff offered, capability of performing various project roles, as well as motivation and dedication to the project (... [...]

dr Walter Benzing, Head of development B2O, net mobile AG

I would highly recommend Consileon Polska to any partner seeking these qualities of work and culture.

Karl Lohmann, Itellium Systems & Services GmbH

Firma Consileon Polska jest niezawodnym i godnym zaufania partnerem w biznesie, realizującym usługi z należytą starannością (..)

Waldemar Ściesiek, Dyrektor zarządzający IT, Polski Bank

The team was always highly motivated and professional in every aspect to perform on critical needs of our startup environment.

Denis Benic, Founder of Ink Labs


We are a company that is a reliable, competent and long-term IT partner for companies of the EU. Thanks to consulting and the software we create, our customers can realize their bold visions and concepts, and most importantly keep up with the latest trends and achieve competitive advantage. Our solutions are accurately adjusted to the needs of customers, therefore they are efficient, friendly and easy to apply.


We want to become a company whose brand is recognized by target customers and seen through the prism of our key principles and values set forth in our mission. We want to be a recognized partner in consulting and software development in Poland, and a nearshore partner in the EU. We see ourselves as those who „fix IT” in the field of customer – contractor relationship thanks to our division of roles and risks of the project, methodology management, building system architecture, application design, method of implementation, approach to test and then implementation and maintenance.


Information technology is a field over-complicated by the majority of IT solution providers. We, however, follow simple rules by which we offer efficient solutions to our customers, act according to our own convictions and honestly support the business growth of our customers.


Customer satisfaction is paramount for us. We are here to help by creating complete solutions, maintaining the current ones, implementing new functionalities as well as increasing the business value of existing solutions. Ambition, innovation, continuously expanded knowledge and extensive experience allow us to deliver products and services of quality beyond expectations.


We use agile methodology, allowing our customers freedom in product development and accurate insight into the progress of work. We treat customers individually, therefore we always adjust the conditions of cooperation to their needs and abilities.

We build on the foundation of TRUST

We focus on professional and friendly relations. We believe in honesty. Our actions are as courageous as they are responsible. We build a long-term cooperation with our customers on the basis of honesty and integrity. We apply the same principles for the members of our team.

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