The service provided by Consileon was professional and comprehensive with a very good understanding of our needs and constrains.

Wolfgang Hafenmayer, Managing partner, LGT Venture Philanthropy

Technical quality of staff offered, capability of performing various project roles, as well as motivation and dedication to the project (... [...]

dr Walter Benzing, Head of development B2O, net mobile AG

I would highly recommend Consileon Polska to any partner seeking these qualities of work and culture.

Karl Lohmann, Itellium Systems & Services GmbH

Firma Consileon Polska jest niezawodnym i godnym zaufania partnerem w biznesie, realizującym usługi z należytą starannością (..)

Waldemar Ściesiek, Dyrektor zarządzający IT, Polski Bank

The team was always highly motivated and professional in every aspect to perform on critical needs of our startup environment.

Denis Benic, Founder of Ink Labs


Description: Data warehouse and customer profiling of marketing campaigns.

Key topics:

  • Management of marketing campaigns, analyzing and defining the needs of the Customer creating a complete plan for the campaign. Maintaining the data warehouse for the needs of the CRM system for the company’s head office.
  • Cleansing, de-duplication, data update.
  • Design and development of dashboards, KPIs and reports on the effectiveness of the campaign and the efficiency of the warehouse.
  • Migration of Customer’s system to an external data center, while maintaining all system and business dependencies.


Business goals:

  • Efficient and accurate profiling of a group of target customers, increasing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
  • Improvement of the quality of the collected data, while ensuring high availability of the campaign system.
  • Implementation of the new features of CRM, among others increasing the number of transaction filters and streamlining the Customer’s business processes.


Range (solutions):

  • The current base of the collected records has over 10 million entries, of which about 3 million are actively used.



  • Preparation of the new system along with complete documentation from scratch , based on the existing, undocumented infrastructure.
  • Defining new business processes and the resulting roles.
  • Maintaining data warehouse with a size of more than 1 TB, containing about 10 million customer records and hundreds of millions of events in line with the Kimball’s approach. The data warehouse contains several times more data than company databases in other countries, as well as databases of the competition.
  • Multifold shortening the daily processing of more than 1GB of data within the ETL process.
  • Migration of the whole system to newer versions of software and more modern equipment.


Evaluation of results:

  • In recognition of the competence and commitment the Customer took the decision that all technical activities in the project will be implemented only by the Polish team.

The Customer

One of the largest German automotive companies.

Sectors: Automotive

Type of organization: Corporation


Methodology: ITIL, Scrum/Agile

Roles in the project: Analyst, Consultant, Datamanager, Implementation specialist, Programmer, Quality Assurance

Locations: Poznań, Szczecin, Wolfsburg

Model of cooperation: Nearshore, Outsourcing


  • Hours of work: 37 000
  • Team size: 4 people
  • Duration: from 08.2010 until present
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