The service provided by Consileon was professional and comprehensive with a very good understanding of our needs and constrains.

Wolfgang Hafenmayer, Managing partner, LGT Venture Philanthropy

Technical quality of staff offered, capability of performing various project roles, as well as motivation and dedication to the project (... [...]

dr Walter Benzing, Head of development B2O, net mobile AG

Technical quality of staff offered, capability of performing roles of developers, lead developers, trainers, team leaders, architects as wel [...]

Karl Lohmann, Itellium Systems & Services GmbH

Firma Consileon Polska jest niezawodnym i godnym zaufania partnerem w biznesie, realizującym usługi z należytą starannością (...)

Waldemar Ściesiek, Dyrektor zarządzający IT, Polski Bank

The team was always highly motivated and professional in every aspect to perform on critical needs of our startup environment.

Denis Benic, Founder of Ink Labs


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Who needs requirements?   Requirements… Requirements… Requirements… One of the few things that every development process could not live without. No matter what methodology, tools or roles you have in your team, you will have to work with them. Even if one dislikes them, they are still the necessary tool for communication between a stakeholder […]


I’m not a QA Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Credit: Marvel Studios   I’m not Groot, I mean QA. I have a problem when someone labels me as a QA (Quality assurance). First of all, try to decode the acronym and say what your role is out loud. “I’m a Quality assurance”. Are you […]


  I still see the posts on Facebook groups and other websites for testers, that ask “how many testers do we need for every developer?”. What is funny, is the fact that what you usually get are plenty of different answers. To give you the most unique/distinct ones: 1 tester to 2,3,4…8 developers 1 tester […]


The quality of the product is the most important for every software tester/QA/test ninja etc. How to evaluate the quality and be sure, that the whole team delivers the highest possible one in the project? That’s a hard nut to crack, and it depends on various factors like the project, test mission, team size and […]


Human augmentation is a technology that enhances human capability. If you want a better hearing there is the cybernetic implant for this, you want to see further and better – there is an implant for this as well, you lack social skills, there is an enhancer for this, you want to run faster – let’s […]


Jak ułatwić sobie życie na projekcie za pomocą narzędzi do tworzenia skryptów? Poniżej przedstawiam przykłady, kiedy znajomość narzędzia do tworzenia skryptów na tzw. „kolanie”, zasadniczo przyspieszy nam pracę na projekcie. Case 1 Czasami flow procesowania w jakiejś aplikacji wymaga zaimportowania wielu danych z kilku różnych źródeł. Kiedy po zaimportowaniu danych z tych źródeł i po […]


Rich domain model that emerges from application of DDD techniques has many advantages over anemic model but is hard (or even impossible) to deliver when modeled entities need to be stored in relational database. The reason lays deeply in the mismatch between goals of DDD and ORM models. Without going into details, the main difference […]

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