The service provided by Consileon was professional and comprehensive with a very good understanding of our needs and constrains.

Wolfgang Hafenmayer, Managing partner, LGT Venture Philanthropy

Technical quality of staff offered, capability of performing various project roles, as well as motivation and dedication to the project (... [...]

dr Walter Benzing, Head of development B2O, net mobile AG

I would highly recommend Consileon Polska to any partner seeking these qualities of work and culture.

Karl Lohmann, Itellium Systems & Services GmbH

Firma Consileon Polska jest niezawodnym i godnym zaufania partnerem w biznesie, realizującym usługi z należytą starannością (..)

Waldemar Ściesiek, Dyrektor zarządzający IT, Polski Bank

The team was always highly motivated and professional in every aspect to perform on critical needs of our startup environment.

Denis Benic, Founder of Ink Labs


Description: Comprehensive IT solution for one of the hottest startups in Silicon Valley

Key topics:

  • The creation and maintenance of a platform for multi-purpose kiosks. Using the kiosks users can print, scan, copy, fill, sign, share, fax, send e-mail or even send by post any documents stored in the cloud or on any media.

Business goals:

  • Providing users with a simple way to meet all the needs related to the generation and processing of paper documents.
  • Allowing users to access all available data sets from colleges and other services, including paid ones.
  • Gaining advantage over existing competition by beautiful design, exceptional ease of use, a broader set of functionalities and integrated services, and better stability of the solution.

Range (solutions):

  • Reaching a very large number of students (20 thousand users), thanks to the implementation realized in 2015 at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
  • There are plans to implement the kiosks at the next large American universities, which will increase the number of kiosks and number of users exponentially.


  • Working with an  “over-agile” method and delivering extreme team performance to compete in the indicator „time to market”.
  • Architecture design that meets the requirements of extensibility and scalability through the implementation mechanisms of high availability, failover, and the use of IaaS and STaaS.
  • Working with multiple system platforms, technologies and programming languages.Creating comprehensive software, which consists of many different elements, from low-level communication and managing sensors embedded in the kiosk, the web applications to manage client desktop platform, to touch supported applications placed on the kiosks.
  • Extensive use of Amazon cloud and integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, PayPal, Facebook, Instagram, Box and Phaxio.
  • The implementation of automatic and semi-automatic mechanisms for scalability, high availability and the administrative panel to identify and solve issues.
  • Teamwork distributed between the US, Poland and equipment manufacturers from Slovenia.

Evaluation of results:

  • The produced solution allowed becoming a leader in the industry and the status of trendsetter in the field of printing.
  • The platform was presented at many trade fairs and won many awards
    • 2015 ALA Annual Conference,
    • 2014 ALA Las Vegas,
    • 2014 UBTech Conference,
  • INK is considered one of the hottest startups in Silicon Valley. In January 2016  – a known American portal for investors put it on a list of 10 startups most interesting for investors.
  • Innovative solutions attracted a group of prestigious investors
  • Within a few weeks of implementation the size of the group of students benefiting from INK doubled in relation to the number of users of the competition’s solution replaced by INK
  • Quotes from the Customer:
    • “…  team was always highly motivated and professional in every aspect to perform on critical needs of our startup …. “- Jonathan Manzi, CEO
    • “Thanks for all your the hard work helping get us to this point. Being able to overcome the extreme obstacles that we faced to experience an outcome such as what we saw today highlights the passion, dedication, and ability of our team and our partnership with Consileon … today should be a day to celebrate the birth of a product that we all sacrificed tremendously for. I couldn’t be more grateful to have fought alongside you guys the past year. We’ve done something really special. Thanks, as ever, for your support “ – Jonathan Manzi, CEO

The Customer

INK Labs – Startup building innovative printing kiosks. Created by Jonathan Manzieg and Denis Benic, Backed by a group of prestigious investors. More about them on

Sectors: Services

Type of organization: Startup


Methodology: Kanban

Roles in the project: Analyst, Architect, Consultant, Designer, DevOps, Implementation specialist, Integrator, Programmer, Support, Team Leader

Locations: Baltimore, Bellevue, Kearney, Lincoln, Los Angeles, Oakland, Poznań, San Francisco, Szczecin

Model of cooperation: Dedicated team, Nearshore


  • Hours of work: 10 000
  • Team size: 7 persona
  • Duration: from 03.2014 until present
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